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    Pet Village Proprietary De-Shed Treatment

    De-Shedding is the answer to the question you didn't know you could ask!

    Do you want your house back from tumblefur?
    Does fur seem to explode all over the house?
    Does it seem like you haven't vacuumed in months after only a few hours?

    Whether you have a seasonal shedder or a constant shedder, our proprietary De-Shed Treatment is the answer.
    We can give you your house back! Yes, really.

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  • What Is De-Shed?

    How is it different from "Shaving"?

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    De-Shedding is NOT Shaving

    As you can see on this cute short coated client, de-shedding removes undercoat and loose hair, it does not chop it off.

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    We remove the loose coat and "almost" loose fur/hair before it can fall off

    Using a proprietary combination of cleansers, conditioners, airflow, professional tools, and training, we can substantially remove the majority of fur/hair that's about to fall out - before it falls out in your home. Any breed can benefit from de-shedding - even short coated breeds.

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    Why not just shave it off?

    What most folks fail to recognize is shaving does NOT solve the shedding problem. Instead your pet is just shedding shorter pieces of fur all over the house. Shaving also risks ruining the coat and how the hair naturally lays on the animal.

  • Why De-Shed?



    We remove the fur/hair before it can fall out around your home. Your furniture and floors will thank you. You'll vacuum less, sweep less and have less hair to deal with all around!


    Allergen Reduction

    By reducing your dog's coat and shed volume, you reduce the total amount of allergen shed in your home. Many allergy sufferers report improved indoor air quality after de-shedding.


    Body Temperature Control

    After de-shedding, most dogs seem to be able to better regulate their body temperature - regardless of season. Removing the extraneous coat fiber means their coat functions optimally.


    Dogs Love It As Much As Their Humans!!

    Unlike shaving, which makes the ends of their fur/hair feel strange or sharp when the dog is licking itself, de-shedding makes their coat more fluffy and soft while removing potential matting before it can happen.